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What to Search for in Airport Consulting Firms

Airport consulting firms play a part in helping airport management teams determine the strategy of working with airport sponsors, commercial carriers and other stakeholders. Therefore, airports should choose experienced and reliable airport consulting firms that would understand the demands and complexities of the aviation industry. If you need professional airport consulting services, here are two important areas to take note:

Searching for an experienced airport consulting firm

The foremost requirement is that the airport consulting firm should be highly experienced. They should demonstrate the ability to handle different projects assigned to them, based on their track record in past projects. The professional service provider would have documented a decent portfolio of accomplishments, proving the ability to achieve results.

Need to see if the experience of the consulting firm caters to your needs

Besides reviewing the experience of the potential company, it is important to see if they are relevant to your airport management needs. Airport development may vary in different parts of the world. Therefore, you should select the airport consulting firm that has adequate experience in handling various kinds of projects, on both domestic and international levels, depending on your needs.

A good option amongst the several big names in the industry would be Changi Airports International, an experienced airport consulting firm in the global aviation market. Some of its projects include Brazil’s Tom Jobim International Airport, India’s very first aerotropolis, five airports in Russia’s Krasnodar and the eastern regions, and King Abdulaziz International Airport in Saudi Arabia.

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