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Things to Investigate when Buying a Used Trailer


Everybody appreciates any savings they can make on their purchase and the value of their investment. Purchasing a second hand trailer provides substantial savings compared to a new model. Whether you wish to use the trailer for domestic or work purposes, you can have peace of mind if you follow some rules as you inspect a possible item to buy.


Checking the tyres can offer clues on the overall condition of the trailer. Uneven tyre wear can signify that the axle is bent that could pose a serious issue. Also, incorrect tyres will impact the handling and safety of a trailer.une-remorque-payeur3

Wooden Floorboards

When it comes to trailers, the floorboards are among the most important components to check. When these are not maintained properly, wooden floorboards will easily rot and decay.

Aluminum Floors

Steel trailers come with their own issues. Aluminum floors can have rust and deteriorate. It is important to note that the cross members’ condition under the floor. These offer the structural integrity of the trailer so any signs of corrosion signs are an issue.


It is also imperative to check the brake wiring. Don’t forget to ask to get the trailer hooked up to a vehicle to make sure that the indicators and brakes are correctly working. Ideally, you will wish to connect it to your own vehicle to guarantee compatibility.

Rust and Cracks

Make sure that the hitch mechanism of the van is well-maintained and in great working order. Cracks and rust are the biggest problem though you can easily spot them.


It is important to ensure that the trailer does not have serious dents externally. Although some wear and tear cannot be avoided if on the road, check anything that resembles cracks. Additionally, find any small crumbling powder and pinholes around the trailer’s outside because this could signify aluminum corrosion.


Trailer History

Purchasing a trailer through an accredited dealership lets you compare various models and this means that you do not need to worry about outstanding claims on the trailer. You may be able to negotiate on price with a private seller; however, you will have to do extra research and check the history of the trailer.

Ultimately, it is important to buy a trailer you are comfortable with. Study the market, determine what you want, set a budget and enjoy the savings which come from purchasing a used une remorque Payeur.


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