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Ten Questions to Ask When Sourcing a Conference Venue

Business conferences fail for many reasons, with one of the most prominent reasons they fail being a poor choice of venue. The right conference venue must be chosen by taking into consideration factors such as location, availability and suitability, so if you’re lacking experience in making conference arrangements, you’ll need to know the right questions to ask when you call to enquire about a venue. Here are ten questions to ask when sourcing a conference venue.


  1. Is the venue available on the required date?

If it isn’t available on the day you require, there isn’t much point in asking any more questions. Move onto the next one unless you have flexible dates and you’re able to change.

  1. Is the venue easily accessible to the attendees?

Public transportation, airports, your workplace location and many other factors will need to be considered with regard to accessibility in order to source the most suitable function rooms in Perth.

  1. What are the catering options you offer?

Having catering available at the venue can make your job much easier. Choose a venue with catering and that’s one less thing for you to worry about.

  1. What is the atmosphere like?

You’ll most likely get a positive reply if you ask over the phone so it’s always best to visit in person just to make sure it really is as good as you’ve been told.

  1. Is accommodation available there or somewhere else nearby?

If there are attendees from out of town at the conference, having accommodations at the venue or nearby is essential.

  1. Is there adequate capacity for the number of people attending?

You must make sure that there are adequate seating spaces for all attendees. Most venues offer function rooms of different sizes, so you should be able to find a room with a suitable capacity.


  1. Is there adequate parking available?

If attendees are driving to the conference, make sure there is ample parking available so that they can park conveniently and don’t incur parking fees parking somewhere else.

  1. Do you provide all the equipment I require?

Make a list of the equipment and supplies needed, including stationery, and ask about this on the phone. Finding out on the day that they don’t have something essential, like a projector, could ruin the function.

  1. Do you offer any complimentary services?

Some venues provide complimentary services, like shuttle buses to the carpark, free bottled water or stationery.

  1. How much does the venue cost to hire?

If you’ve got the responses you want by asking the previous nine questions, then it’s time to ask about the price. Ensure you adhere to your budgetary constraints to stay on the right side of management and try to negotiate a better rate if you’re not happy with the one they offer you.

These ten questions will get you off to a great start, but ensure you give yourself adequate time to call around and speak to the staff at several possible venues in order to make sure you find and book the very best venue for the conference you’re arranging.

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