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Parts washer equipment: Solvent-free washing of engineering parts

Aqueous parts washers give a new way to clean the engineering parts. It is a novel technique which provides the water-based cleaning with the solvent solution which is not harmful and can be degraded naturally and easily. The aqueous parts washer can be operated both manually, automatic or mutually. These parts washers are used in both components based washing which includes some specific parts or it can be industrial based, which include the washing of the equipment of all the parts or engineering parts used in the industries. With the low energy consumption, it provides washing with no use of harmful chemicals as a solvent.

Some features of the parts washers

The new generation part washer provides environment-friendly and user-friendly washing. Some important features of the parts washing equipment are as follows:

  • Solvent free: The washing of the parts or machine is done with the solutions which are free of any chemical solvents as these chemicals are harmful to the workers. As those solvents are non-degradable they affect the environment, hence as a replacement those solvents are used which are user friendly as well as biodegradable.
  • Energy consumption: These equipment washers do not consume much power. Hence, the result is that they are available in low power consumption equipment and help in the conservation of energy.
  • Material: The washing equipment works over the given standard and follows the international standard.
  • Long shelf life: The equipment is made up of stainless steel which prevents the rusting and increases the shelf life of the equipments.
  • High efficiency and proper maintenance: The equipment used in the washing is highly efficient due to the latest technology used in the machine and hence it requires a proper and regular maintenance.

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