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Is Packaging Important When Selling Pearl Pendants?

When it comes to selling jewelry, be it of any types, you have to keep in mind that you have to present your product the most appealing way possible. That way, you will be able to convince buyers to patronize your product. For example, pearl pendant is one of a kind and that you have to make sure that the packaging is excellent by the time you present the pearl to your buyers.


Suggested pearl pendant packaging

  • Put the pendant in a lovely jewelry box or at least a drawstring pouch. It will be attractive to your customers. Such type of packaging makes it easy for the customers to carry the pendant after the sale.
  • Displaying the pearl pendant is also one thing. You can display the pendants using the box itself. For a visually appealing effect, put a satin liner in a cotton filled box with varying colors of pouches and drawstrings. The box can be made from various colors and finishes. For pearl pendants, the ideal colors of boxes include white, black, silver, gold, and earth tones.
  • If you don’t like the box type, then you can stick with the pouch. Again, it can be made from various materials, from linen, velour, to sheer organza.

Try adding props and other design details

Another great way of presenting your pearls is to use high quality table cover with skirt work. This is a perfect way of presenting all types of pearls to your buyers. For example, you have an inclusive day to showcase various types of pearl pendants. You can add props and other elements close to pearls like sparkling accents. You have to group those pendants that are similar in characteristics to make it easy for you as a seller to present to them one by one to the buyers. Make sure you leave ample space around each group of pearl pendant so that each has a breathing room.

Additional perks

Another great way of enticing the buyers to patronize your pearl jewelry product is to give them a free gift wrapping every time they purchase a pearl. This is one way of giving back and showing appreciation to your valued clients.

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