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Important factors to consider when inspecting a used car

Finding a used car can take time but sometimes, you might be lucky enough to get it almost right away. Once you get the car, it is important to conduct a proper inspection especially when you are buying from a private owner. You can always look up procedure to buy a used maruti suzuki alto car in Bangalore.

Car history

It’s important that you know the car’s history before you buy it. This will help in assessing the damages and repairs that it has encountered. It will also help you to know if it’s certified and that there are no legal issues prior to buying. Surely, you wouldn’t want to buy a stolen car, because chances are, it’s been reported and they are looking for it.

The inspection

Since everyone is not an expert on cars, it’s always smart to have a friend who knows about them or a mechanic tag along. You could hire one at a cheap price just to conduct a thorough inspection but there are things you can look at that do not require a trained eye to notice.

  • Look for rust – rust is an obvious indication that the car is not structurally fit. This is mostly when the frame is rusted. You can check underneath the car to confirm. There are other rusts that could be on the exterior and that is not uncommon especially if it’s a small area.
  • The tires and wheels – check if there are any wears on the tire as well as the alignment of the wheel and suspension.
  • Check the hood – there are a few things to look for like spark plugs and the engine. Check for any indication of recent repairs and maintenance to see if it has been properly taken care of.
  • Inspect both the interior and exterior – this will help you to see if there have been any recent damages from the repairs.

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