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Elevate the manufacturing industry with super packaging machines

Isn’t it hard to believe how dependent manufacturers are on the first rate packaging? All those pretty little products in shopping malls and in houses originated with packaging machines that themselves depend upon the maker for packaging materials. Where would the consumer industry be without packaging machines? Without attractive and durable materials, packaging would not last long or catch the fancy of buyers! Not every manufacturer packs in bulk and small sachets are big business too when customers want a small quantity of a product like shampoo or chocolate.


Both those products fall within the range of food and pharmaceuticals, cosmetics and nutritional sectors that the company packaging machines have been designed for. Several models take care of specific manufacturer needs. Chasing dreams of expertise, skill and innovation, the company has reached dream destinations across the forty years of a challenging existence. With packaging machines delivered to a hundred countries globally, Kraft and Unilever are some of the mega clients.

The three models for Food and Pharma packaging

  • Sachet Packaging Machines

The CS series can package heat-sealed bags on four sides while the CO series produces doy packs or stand-up packages with heat-sealing on three or four sides.

  • Stick Packaging Machines

The CS and DIVA series packs products in stick packs.

  • Complete Lines

Complete automated production lines may be created with counters, and box and carton units.

Among the three kinds of sugar packaging machine, C3, CS and DIVA, the specifications of the individual manufacturer requirements would be ideally met. The compact machines work at great speed, encourage high productivity and possess volumetric fillers.

Among the sugar packaging machine types are the sugar stick packing machines CS10 (3-in-1 filler complete line) and CS14 (auger filler complete line). Important features of CS10 are a laser-coding unit, variable data control by Smart-Camera, sample check weighing, easy cleaning and accessibility.

The company promotes Flexibility in Packaging and Value

From the word  go, the company works diligently to offer the best solutions to packaging needs, quite willing at all times to run the extra mile in order to provide dedicated customer support. A direct relationship is valued for successful business contacts. Meetings with the client are compulsory of course, when they get a taste of the packaging machines. Thetest department has the infrastructure to administer free production tests on the client’s products and packaging facilities. Thus, the most appropriate machines are identified, according to requirements.

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