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Different kinds of Glass processing you need to know

Glass manufacturing industry is now expanded over different processes of manufacturing where various kinds of glasses are obtained for specific application. The glass is very much used in different electronic appliances, devices and numerous other places. You need to know about these glasses where they can be distinguished according to their way of processing. Various companies are producing and supplying the market such great variety of glasses for different applications but companies like Curved Glass Company manufactures the excellent range of glass processing on larger level, application in different areas like for architecture, household appliances, shower doors, chilled display, interior décor and other several areas.

Know different kinds of glass processing by which they can be categorized

  1. Thermal tampering of glass for bending: The process of continuously but gradual heating of glass following with cooling which is further ended with instant freezing is called thermal tampering method of bending glass. They are safe, persistent and have lesser chances of breakage.
  2. Tampering glass: The specific methodology of thermal heating is used to make glasses tough. Bending is controlled with computer and done at higher temperature to make sure it’s toughness sustain.
  3. Double glazing glass: A metallic spacer frame   joined the two or more than two panels of glasses at their edges and differentiated by sealed air or gas is called double glazing glass.  The glasses are with lower e-coating hence, in-between space is used to decrease the loss of heat trapped inside.
  4. Lamination of glass: The lamination made the glass is ideal for safety as it is lesser prone for breakage and shatter-proof. Refrigeration as well as architectural, in both sections it is very useful. It is made by adding an extra EVA or PVB plastic film on the glass.
  5. Cutting, Drilling and Engraving: Cutting process of glass is different from engraving or drilling. However, these processes are conducted with automated softwares, laser techniques for engraving and diamond drills for drilling along with highly quipped and programmed machines.


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